TowelRoot APK Free Download Latest Version 2015 v2.3

Are thinking to root your Android mobile device without your PC or Laptop? Don’t bother, now it has become very easy to root your mobile devices. Now there is no need to use PC or Laptop to root your mobile devices. All things you can do with the help of TowelRoot APK. It is very fast or easy method to root your device. You just need to download the latest version of the TowelRoot APK and install it on your Android phones and just follow a few steps and your device shall become rooted.


In this article, we shall provide some of the basic information regarding the TowelRoot. Here we shall come to know what TowelRoot is basically, how we can use it, how we can root our android mobile device, how it perform if we root the device, what are advantages or disadvantages of rooting the devices as well.

We do hope this will provide the better information regarding TowelRoot and may enable to get deeper with this article. Here we are for you and proceed further to get your knowledge better regarding this.

What is TowelRoot APK?

It is basically a third party application which allows you to root Samsung or LG or any other android mobile device. It is the latest Android rooting tool which has been released by the GeoHot. For rooting your android mobile devices you just need to download or running the apps but in other rooting apps, there is a need to download or running of the program. For using the TowelRoot on your device, you need to enable your device to install third party source so that you can easily install other apps.

But it is generally recommended to root your devices as it may emerge many side effects. The major side effects of taking the step are that you may lose the warranty of the device completely. Your devices may also get infected by viruses or in somehow it may become dead in some manner of taking your step of installing the third party source. So you need to be very carefully while you are install or download the other sources apps.

What is rooting?

It is a process of getting permission over the android devices. Android is made in Linux. In android, it is known as rooting but in iDevices, it is known as Jail Breaking. Rooting not allowed installing more features on the mobile phones. For well jail breaking as well as rooting we require PC or a Laptop but if we are using TowelRoot then we can easily root the mobile device.

Below we are providing its pros or cons, but it is now up to you to decide whether it is better or not if users do root in their devices.

Important facts on TowelRoot

TowelRoot compatible Android versions – Android Kitkat (4.4)
Supported devices – Any Android device running KitKat
Some virus guards detect Andr.Exploit.Rat as a virus. It can’t be fixed but you may bypass the warning.

Poor performance
It may diminish the warrant of the mobile phones
It incorporates the risk of bricking means soon your mobile phone may become dead.
Your phone may get infected by viruses


Fast and easy
We can customize the ROM
May free the memory easily
‘may enable to run special applications
How to download and Install the TowelRoot APK?

Download the TowelRoot APK file from the available links of the sites

After downloading the file, now install it on your android device
If you try to install the third party on your devices then a message will pop up saying that you are trying to install third party app. Permit the app by clicking on the tick then install it.
Various Involved Steps of TowelRoot APK

STEP – 1: How to Root Mobiles with TowelRoot APK

Firstly, open the installed TowelRoot on your Android phone
Now press on the Ra1n button to make the thing happen
After processing, you shall receive a notice of success that your are rooted

STEP – 2: Install SuperSU| Rooting using TowelRoot – we shall install SuperSU to stop installing the unauthorized apps

First go to the Play Store
Search for the SuperSU
Download the app and install it
Once it’s done, now open it.
Allow for its binary Update and anything it prompts, allow doing.

STEP – 3: Test Root Access | Rooting Android Phones

Go to your device’s play store
Now find out the Root Checker
Install any of the application available in the play store
Now press run and ensure that it says you are rooted now.